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If you want to compare us to other Agencies, you should firstly check to see if they name their directors or hide behind anonymity? We don't.

As to prices, well some agencies charge a scale upward to 50% depending on age of debt. We don't.

Only in exceptional cases would we charge more than 10% for UK recoveries and 15% for Overseas debts. Such exceptional cases would be where the debt is more than two years old or perhaps disputed. Our 10% commission rate has applied for more than thirty years.

Next, check to see if you are committing to purchasing a volume of collections via a subscription. We don't charge a subscription. Single or multiple debts are taken on without any up front fees.

Only in the rarest of cases will we charge a small (not more than £40.00) up-front fee, and this is where you tell us that the debt is in dispute or we feel that you have a lost cause but you would like us to attempt recovery anyway. This is purely to cover administration costs. Furthermore, where we recover the debt this administration fee is regarded as our commission on the first amount recovered up to £400.00 for UK debts.

We do, however charge an administration fee at the outset for the collection of County Court Judgments, where we are willing to take on a case. This is also £40.00 and is not deductible from any commission earned at a rate of 15%. If unsuccessful no further charge is made.



The One-off Situation


For a one-off outstanding Debt or for a batch of Debts owing by UK enterprises we charge 10% commission + VAT.

If a debt is under £200.00 in value we charge
£20.00 +VAT as a minimum charge. Often more work goes into collecting a small sum than a large one.

Be Assured – if we should fail to collect

Portfolio Collections

If you wish to outsource a delinquent debtor portfolio each month, contact us to discuss your business and ask for a quotation. We generally look at monthly volume collections based on levels of 50 to 100 debtors.


Enforcement & Legal


Your Judgments collected – Administration charge £40.00. Minimum Commission 15% or subject to quotation. Please note, we only collect commercial debtor Judgments.

County Court Proceedings where we institute these with you – a Retainer and recovery related fees.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Ring Stuart on
0845 521 362



Important note:

VAT is applicable at the current rate on all United Kingdom and E.E.C. debt recoveries and services.


“Anyone who is asked for an up front fee should think carefully if this is the most appropriate service for them”.

Kurt Obermaier
Executive Director,

The Credit Services Association.
Credit Today Magazine,

December 2000


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